Holiday Hollywood Squares featured in Mirror Stage presentation

For the December installment of its 2nd Saturday series, Mirror Stage presents a holiday twist with Holiday Hollywood Squares, which features theater artists playing to raise money for the charities of their choice. The competition begins at 5 p.m. Dec. 12 in a live-streamed YouTube event.

The holiday game is based on the classic game show, where two contestants select from nine squares arranged in a tic-tac-toe board to place their X or O on the board. Someone in a selected square will answer a question, and the player agrees or disagrees to win the square. Whichever player gets three in a row wins the game. In the spirit of the holidays, the players will have to answer questions about how Seattle celebrates the holidays, as well as questions about Seattle landmarks and history. With each game, $100 dollars will be donated to the winning player’s chosen charity. An additional $50 will be awarded for each Secret Square correctly answered.

The event will be livestreamed on Mirror Stage’s YouTube channel. Holiday Hollywood Squares is part of Mirror Stage’s 2nd Saturday series, digital programming developed to keep people virtually connected while it’s not yet safe to gather. For a list of square representatives and players, or for more information, go to