Fox Ridge Studio opening in mid-February

Madison Park urban art space to offer workshops, classes, polite discussions

Fox Ridge Studio opening in mid-February

Fox Ridge Studio opening in mid-February

It’s been a long time coming, and Patty Gordon is excited to announce she’s opening her Fox Ridge Studio in Madison Park in mid-February.

“People come by all the time; it’s really funny,” Gordon said. “I think it’s hard because that building’s been under construction for over a year now, so people are like, ‘What’s happening?’”

The Constance Court building, 4116 E. Madison St., was a fixer-upper when the Losh Family purchased it in October 2017, and has been in some state of construction since then.

Gordon’s urban art space is a new addition, built out on the backside of Constance Court.

The base component of Fox Ridge Studio will be as an urban art bar, with art kits and workshops for creating pieces of art or crafting projects. There will also be a number of lectures and forums in the space, where people can feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

The workshops and “Big Talks” will change months, but Gordon has a few regular events planned, such as Sunday Morning Mimosas and Makers.

“It’s going to be kind of an open studio: come in, create crafts, and have mimosas,” Gordon said. “If you just wanted to come in and have a mimosa, you can do that.”

There will also be a Throwback Thursday Wine and Craft Night.

“It’s more of a throwback to the ‘60s and ‘70s and having kits that you can do — needlework and macrame and paint by numbers. It’s stuff you used to do when you were younger,” Gordon said.

“It’s funny, there really has been a resurgence of the textile crafting that was popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s and ‘80s.”

While the urban art studio is new, Gordon’s interior design includes a number of large-scale crafts, such as a table made from refurbished maple pulled from an old bowling alley.

“We do have a bar, and we actually refurbished some old barstools from an old ice cream parlor. Actually, it’s from a place up in Concrete, [Washington]. We got a lot of really fun things out of Second Use,” Gordon said, referring to the salvage and reuse company in SODO.

Fox Ridge Studio is slated to open the week of Feb. 17, with a watercolor class on Feb. 22. People can also come by to purchase art kits and supplies, and stick around for food, beer and wine.

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