Unofficial general election results: Biden leads in Washington, Inslee defeats Culp

Seattle residents overwhelmingly support transportation benefit district

Unofficial general election results: Biden leads in Washington, Inslee defeats Culp

Unofficial general election results: Biden leads in Washington, Inslee defeats Culp

Based on unofficial general election results Tuesday evening, Washington residents overwhelmingly voted for former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris over sitting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, while Gov. Jay Inslee has declared victory over challenger Loren Culp, thus securing his third term.

A measure requiring public schools provide students with comprehensive sexual health education with parental approval has also passed.

Seattle residents also overwhelmingly supported creation of a six-year transportation benefit district that will fund transit and transportation projects.

In Legislative District 43, incumbents Nicole Macri and Frank Chopp will retain their seats, while U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal will hold onto her seat in Congressional District 7.

Nov. 3, 2020, General Election unofficial results:
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President (Statewide only)
Joseph Biden/Kamala Harris  2,023,498 votes, 60.1 percent
Donald Trump/Michael Pence  1,221,263, 36.64 percent

Congressional District 7 — U.S. Representative (Statewide)
(D) Pramila Jayapal 344,541 votes, 84.56 percent
(R) Craig Keller 61,940, 15.2 percent

State Governor (statewide)
(D) Jay Inslee 1,964,141 votes, 59.3 percent
(R) Loren Culp 1,338,491, 40.41 percent

Lieutenant Governor
(D) Denny Heck 1,403,784 votes, 47.21 percent
(D) Marko Liias 1,002,737, 33.72 percent

Secretary of State
(R) Kim Wyman 1,676,482 votes, 51.8 percent
(D) Gael Tarleton 1,556,675, 48.1 percent

State Treasurer
(D) Mike Pellicciotti 1,783,558 votes, 55.55 percent
(R) Duane A. Davidson 1,424,877, 44.37 percent

State Auditor
(D) Pat (Patrice) McCarthy 1,935,055 votes, 60.39 percent
(R) Chris Leyba 1,266,600, 39.53 percent

State Attorney General
(D) Bob Ferguson 1,905,696 votes, 58.81 percent
(R) Matt Larkin 1,331,547, 41.09 percent

Commissioner of Public Lands
(D) Hilary Franz 1,893,186 votes, 59.03 percent
(R) Sue Kuehl Pederson 1,311,303, 40.88 percent

Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non-partisan)
Chris Reykdal 1,672,419 votes, 56.68 percent
Maia Espinoza 1,263,571 42.83 percent

Insurance Commissioner
(D) Mike Kreidler 2,131,006 votes, 67.57 percent
(R) Chirayu Avinash 1,009,404, 31.01 percent


Legislative District 43 State Representative Position 1
(D) Nicole Macri 76,258 votes, 92.04 percent
(R) Leslie Klein 6,506, 7.85 percent

Legislative District 43 State Representative Position 2
(D) Frank Chopp 54,010 votes, 66.73 percent
(Seattle People’s Party) Sherae Lascelles 26,540, 32.79 percent

State Supreme Court Justice Position 3
Raquel Montoya-Lewis 1,742,484 votes, 59.7 percent
Dave Larson 1,165,044, 39.91 percent

State Supreme Court Justice Position 6
G. Helen Whitener 1,914,688 votes, 67.57 percent
Richard S. Serns 902,996, 31.87 percent

King Superior Court Judge Position 13
Hillary Madsen 473,963 votes, 54.66 percent
Andrea Robertson 388,453, 44.80 percent

King Superior Court Judge Position 30
Doug North 432,874 votes, 51.04 percent
Carolyn Ladd 410,250, 48.37 percent

Referendum No. 90: Requiring comprehensive sexual health education that is consistent with the Washington State health and physical education K-12 learning standards and that requires affirmative consent curriculum:
Yes 1,921,700 votes, 59.59 percent
No 1,303,367, 40.41 percent

King County
Charter Amendment No. 1: Mandatory Inquests
Yes 785,421 votes, 81.25 percent
No 181,288, 18.75 percent

Charter Amendment No. 2: Disposition of Real Property for Affordable Housing
Yes 672,405 votes, 70.02 percent
No 287,949, 29.98 percent

Charter Amendment No. 3: References to Citizens
Yes 658,284 votes, 68.69 percent
No 300,039, 31.31 percent

Charter Amendment No. 4: Office of Law Enforcement Oversight— Subpoena Authority
Yes 798,546 votes, 82.77 percent
No 166,205, 17.3 percent

Charter Amendment No. 5: Making the King County Sheriff an Appointed Position
Yes 593,391 votes, 63.08 percent
No 415,204, 43.39 percent

Charter Amendment No. 6: Structure and Duties of the Department of Public Safety
Yes 593,391 votes, 63.08 percent
No 347,236, 36.92 percent

Charter Amendment No. 7: Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Family Caregiver, Military or Veteran Status
Yes 822,934 votes, 85.16 percent
No 143,387, 14.84 percent

Proposition No. 1: Harborview Medical Center Health and Safety Improvement Bonds
Approved 753,739 votes, 77.51 percent
Rejected 218,734, 22.49 percent



Proposition No. 1: Funding for Transit and Related Transportation Needs
Yes 294,822 votes, 81.62 percent
No 66,404, 18.38 percent