Updated: Unofficial primary election results: Harrell, Gonzalez frontrunners in crowded Seattle mayoral race

School board district 5 director race has clear frontrunners

Updated: Unofficial primary election results: Harrell, Gonzalez frontrunners in crowded Seattle mayoral race

Updated: Unofficial primary election results: Harrell, Gonzalez frontrunners in crowded Seattle mayoral race

According to the unofficial King County primary election results, Bruce Harrell is maintaining his lead in the crowded pack of 15 candidates vying to be Seattle's next mayor. According to King County Elections results updated Wednesday afternoon, Harrell has 39,173 votes, or about 38 percent. Although the results are still unofficial, Harrell will likely be joined by current City Councilmember M. Lorena Gonzalez on November's general election ballot. Gonzalez is the strong runner up with 29,467 votes, or about 28 percent. She maintains a significant lead over the third-place candidate Colleen Echohawk, who has 8,872 votes.

In the at-large council positions, incumbent Teresa Mosqueda will advance to the general election in November and likely be challenged by Kenneth Wilson. As of Wednesday, Mosqueda had 52,862 votes to Wilson's 17,485. In the slightly less-crowded Seattle City Council No. 9 race, currently held by Gonzalez, Sarah Nelson and Nikkita Oliver are likely to advance to the general election, with 42,841 and 35,082 votes respectively.

In the race for Seattle Public Schools director for District 4, which includes Magnolia, Queen Anne and Ballard, Magnolia resident Vivian Song Maritzis leading over three other candidates, including Erin Dury, who was appointed to fill Director Eden Mack's position after she resigned in January. Song Maritz is maintainin her solid position to advance to the general election, with 8,858 votes as of Wednesday. Queen Anne resident Laura Marie Rivera could join Song Maritz on November's ballot if her second-place lead holds. As of Wednesday she had 3,626 votes to Dury's 1,703 and Herb Camet's 1,354.

In the race for Seattle Public Schools director for District 5, which includes Madison, Leschi, Capitol Hill, International District, First Hill, downtown and the Central area, Michelle Sarju and Dan Harder are set to advance to the general election. They are vying for the seat currently held by Zachary DeWolf, who opted not to run again after one term. As of Wednesday, Sarju easily leads with 11,547 votes to Harder's 1,914. The third candidate running in that race, Crystal S. Liston, has 544 votes.

In the county executive race, incumbent Dow Constantine is set to advance to the general election with 141,289 votes. Challenger Joe Nguyen is the next closest candidate with 78,173 votes.

King County will update its results Thursday afternoon, https://kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/results/2021/202108.aspx.

This story will be updated as more votes are tabulated.


Aug. 3, 2021, Primary Election results as of 3:44 p.m. Wednesday




Andrew Grant Houston: 2,570 votes, 2.49 percent

Lance Randall: 1,525 votes, 1.48 percent

M. Lorena Gonzalez: 29,467 votes, 28.60 percent

Casey Sixkiller: 3,678 votes, 3.57 percent

Clinton Bliss: 928 votes, 0.90 percent

Henry C. Dennison: 213 votes, 0.21 percent

Bobby Tucker: 244 votes, 0.24 percent

Omari Tahir-Garrett: 233 votes, 0.23 percent

James Donaldson: 1,679 votes, 1.63 percent

Arthur K. Langlie: 6,120 votes, 5.94 percent

Colleen Echohawk: 8,872 votes, 8.61 percent

Don L. Rivers: 123 votes, 0.12 percent

Bruce Harrell: 39,173 votes, 38.02 percent

Stan Lippmann: 220 votes, 0.21 percent

Jessyn Farrell: 7,752 votes, 7.52 percent


City Attorney

Ann Davison: 34,523 votes, 34.92 percent

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy: 31,734 votes, 32.10 percent

Pete Holmes: 32,285 votes, 32.66 percent


Council Position No. 8 (At-large)

George Freeman: 1,036 votes, 1.08 percent

Alexander White: 1,482 votes, 1.54 percent

Jordan Elizabeth Fisher: 1,002 votes, 1.04 percent

Bobby Lindsey Miller: 1,245 votes, 1.30 percent

Brian Fahey: 530 votes, 0.55 percent

Jesse James: 1,225 votes, 1.27 percent

Kenneth Wilson: 17,485 votes, 18.19 percent

Paul Felipe Glumaz: 5,495 votes, 5.72 percent

Alex Tsimerman: 613 votes, 0.64 percent

Teresa Mosqueda: 52,862 votes, 54.99 percent

Kate Martin: 12,018 votes, 12.50 percent


Council Position No. 9 (At-large)

Brianna K. Thomas: 14,127 votes, 14.11 percent

Lindsay McHaffie: 1,767 votes, 1.76 percent

Rebecca L. Williamson: 1,053 votes, 1.05 percent

Nikkita Oliver: 35,082 votes, 35.03 percent

Xtian Gunther: 818 votes, 0.82 percent

Sara Nelson: 42,841 votes, 42.78 percent

Corey Eichner: 4,066 votes, 4.06 percent



Director District No. 4 position

Vivian Song Maritz: 8,858 votes, 56.63 percent

Herb Camet Jr.: 1,354 votes, 8.66 percent

Laura Marie Rivera: 3,626 votes, 23.18 percent

Erin Dury: 1,703 votes, 10.89 percent


Director District No. 5

Dan Harder: 1,914 votes, 13.59 percent

Crystal S. Liston: 544 votes, 3.86 percent

Michelle Sarju: 11,547 votes, 82 percent




Goodspaceguy: 7,801 votes, 2.96 percent

Dow Constantine: 141,289 votes, 53.64 percent

Johnathon Crines: 4,314 votes, 1.64 percent

Joe Nguyen: 78,173 votes, 29.68 percent

Bill Hirt: 30,528 votes, 11.59 percent


Proposition No. 1

Regular Property Tax Levy for Children, Youth, Families and Communities

Approved: 157,953 votes, 59.28 percent

Rejected: 108,521 votes, 40.72 percent