Seattle Public Library offering free certification exams

This spring, The Seattle Public Library is partnering with Washington State Library to add free Adobe (ACA) and QuickBooks (QBCU) certification exams as a part of the Microsoft Imagine Academy Program.

In an effort to aid those seeking these certifications during this time of social distancing, exams are temporarily being offered virtually as Exams from Home. As always these exams are free and open to all residents or college students in Washington state.

To register for a certification exam or find out more information about Exams from Home, please visit

About Certification Exams

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) and QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) are industry-recognized certifications that demonstrate skill and can aid in career development.  

Check Certiport’s Test Candidate Guide,, to ensure devices meet  all the technical requirements needed to take certification exams through the Exams from Home service.

Classes and Study Guides

SPL offers several options to help review for these tests.

Preview the exam interface,

Take a LinkedIn Learning class online,, with an Seattle Public Library card (ACA, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, MOS, MTA, QBCU); or

Review an O’Reilly Complete Public Library study guide,, or take an online class with an SPL card (ACA, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, MOS, MTA, QBCU).

Digital versions of the MOS 2013 Study Guides are also available for download. Email to request the login to download the study guides.

Hard copies of the MOS 2016 Study Guides are also available for check out.

SPL also offers online practice tests:

Take a LearnKey class online (ACA, MOS, MTA, QuickBooks). Email to receive instructions on how to access LearnKey.

Take a GMetrix practice test online (ACA, MOS, MTA, QuickBooks). Email to receive instructions on how to access GMetrix.