Sound Theatre presents special performances of ‘Cloud Tectonics’

Sound Theatre Company is offering Spanish-captioned performances of “Cloud Tectonics” this month. The company’s mission is to empower artists to amplify the dignity and diversity of the human experience. Since Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the country, Sound Theatre has committed to offering performances to an audience that may not otherwise be able to attend live theater in their preferred language.

“Cloud Tectonics” was written by Academy Award nominee José Rivera and tells the story of Celestina (Jay Woods), a pregnant woman who can stop time but not control it. During the night of a great storm, she meets Anibal de la Luna (Myles Romo) and the audience is transported to a world of magical realism.

For three special performances, Grecia Leal Pardo, who immigrated from Mexico, has translated the play into Spanish: Tectónica de nubes. She said it is exciting “because you get to think about the interplay between intention, meaning, and interpretation and how it lives not just on the page but in a moment.” Cloud Tectonics runs until Oct 15 at 12th Avenue Arts, 1620 12th Ave., Seattle. Spanish-captioned performances are at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 6 and Oct. 15.

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