Cogir residents enjoy fruits of their labor at summer sangria party

Courtesy Cogir of Queen Anne
Residents at Cogir Senior Living in Queen Anne hosted a successful sangria-making event in August using herbs grown from their indoor therapeutic garden.


Cogir of Queen Anne Senior Living and Seattle-based Eldergrow launched a blossoming relationship this spring and collaborated on a fun summer event in August.

Cogir’s residents made sangria with fresh herbs they grew in their Eldergrow indoor culinary herb garden.

Eldergrow, an award-winning company now serving senior living communities around the nation, offers therapeutic gardening programs to seniors in residential and skilled communities. Eldergrow’s team brought ingredients to make summer sangria featuring the herb of the month, scented geranium, with help from Cogir of Queen Anne residents.

The residents helped chop up fresh fruit and added grape juice and a scented geranium syrup made from herbs grown in their Eldergrow garden. Residents reminisced on their vacations to Spain and learned about the origin of the tasty summer libation.

Cogir’s partnership with Eldergrow showcases their dedication to their mission — enriching lifestyles and encompassing care for residents. Studies show that therapeutic horticulture reduces depression, improves balance and lowers risk factors for dementia by 36 percent.

The event turned out to be a great success, with many residents and staff requesting seconds and thirds of the yummy sangria prepared by their friends.

Cogir of Queen Anne maintains its garden and therapeutic program through Eldergrow’s Herb-of-the-Month program. The community receives fresh herb deliveries and “Around the World” curriculum every month and will conduct ongoing cooking and herb activities with residents.