Neighbors helping neighbors: Summer events for emergency preparedness

What would you do if all power and normal communications were down for days/weeks?
What can we do to join with neighbors to shape how life on our block continues to evolve with safety and kindness?

Across Seattle, a collection of volunteer neighborhood emergency communication hubs have been steadily working to recruit neighbors to plan, prepare and practice how to respond to serious disaster events such as earthquakes, floods, fires and massive disruption of our region’s infrastructures such as roads, bridges, electrical transformers, with a breakdown in communication and transportation systems. This is an exemplary form of neighbors helping neighbors, both in planning and executing actions of mutual aid.

Power down

From 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. June 11, many neighborhood emergency hubs and Ham radio operators will participate in a city-wide practice of a simulated regional power outage disaster considering likely scenarios. How will we live for an extended period without electricity? How will we keep warm, cook, operate medical equipment, locate loved ones and work with our neighbors to take care of each other?

While the Madison Park emergency volunteers won’t be activating our communication hub for this power outage disaster drill, many of us will be joining the simulation being held in other neighborhoods. You are encouraged to attend one of these to learn how a hub works after an emergency, especially in developing systems to connect needs with resources so that neighbors can actively work together in the absence of reliable outside help. Below are the neighborhoods where hubs will be actively participating. You can find more information at and sign up to get a reminder about the details and Hub location most convenient for you.

Neighborhood HUB



Ballard Commons



Queen Anne Playfield

Eastlake - Roger's Playground

Judkins Park

Hope Lutheran

Lakewood Playground

South Park

13047 Greenwood Ave. North

5701 22nd Ave. Northwest

6535 Ravenna Ave. Northeast

4805 NE 45th St.

1901 First Ave. West

2516 Eastlake Ave. East

20th Place South and S. Charles Street

4456 42nd Ave. Southwest

5013 S. Angeline St.

8201 10th Ave. South

Love happens here

From 5:30 to 7 p.m. July 11, Friends of Madison Park invites all neighbors to come support our community merchants with a strong message for our community: Love Happens Here. We welcome everyone. No place for hate. This summer evening stroll to meet and support our merchants, ending with gathering around the Domicile gallery to hear from city leaders and Seattle Police Department. Visit for more details.

Night out

From 5:30 p.m. into the evening Aug. 1, SPD will join police departments around the country to encourage neighbors to create block parties, closing streets without the need of a permit. These block parties are organized entirely by neighbors drawing on flyer templates and other resources available on the SPD website.

Police departments believe block parties heighten crime prevention awareness, increase support in anti-crime efforts and unite our communities. What a great way to better get to know and spend time with neighbors and talk about your ideas for how your block can work together, create a sense of safety, belonging and looking out for each other. Visit Night Out - Police | for an interactive map to discover any block parties that are scheduled for where you live, or sign up to help organize one for your block. You find handouts and resources to download to get your neighbors involved.

We’ve been living through hard times with more to surely come. As trouble and hardship land on our doorstep, who do we want to be and what could we be known for? In the words of Grace Lee Boggs, “The only way to survive is to take care of one another.”