Mad Candy opens in Madrona area

Provided to the MPT

There are a lot of wonderful things going on in the Madrona area.

Have you visited the recently opened candy store? If not, head over to Mad Candy, where two of the neighborhood's dentists, Ty Etheridge and Jake Weissman, collaborate not only in dentistry, but in the sweetest ways possible.

The delightful, exciting, and captivating new candy store offers a variety of candies, including sour gummies, chocolates, licorices, cotton candy, popcorn, a myriad of freeze-dried candy, classic candy and many items you've probably never seen or tasted before.

They have hand-crafted truffles from a fantastic baker (Pink Peony) on Bainbridge Island. The newest addition to the store are wonderful freeze-dried candy sweets from a local family-owned business (Sweetest Things).

Mad Candy (1130c 34th Ave.), is able to customize piñatas that are handmade from a very talented local artist.  Once they receive an image of the desired piñata, the artist starts crafting and will have it ready within two weeks. Mad Candy is honored to fill the piñata with specialty candies or sell for your filling of it. Mad Candy also specializes in curated gift baskets for holidays and other special events including birthday parties and weddings. In addition to candy, they carry beautiful seasonal flower bouquets.

The notion of dentists venturing into the candy business might raise a few eyebrows, but Etheridge and Weissman have a very clear goal in mind: to bring some fun and sweetness to their neighborhood, especially for families looking for an exciting activity.

Their choice to create a candy store is motivated by more than just business; it's about uplifting the local community and creating a space that reflects the spirit of Madrona. Notwithstanding their distinct professional experiences, Etheridge and Weissman share a common vision of fostering a vibrant local scene, where families may come together, delight in nostalgic treats, and create lasting memories.