Celebrating one year of Madison Park Pharmacy and Wellness Center

Madison Park Pharmacy and Wellness Center celebrated one year.

Madison Park Pharmacy and Wellness Center celebrated one year.

In the heart of Madison Park, a community gem has shone brightly for a full year. Madison Park Pharmacy and Wellness Center is celebrating its one-year anniversary, marking a milestone that reflects dedication, community support, and a shared vision of health and wellness. This anniversary is not just a celebration for the pharmacy team, but a testament to the vibrant community they serve.

Matt Binder, pharmacist and store owner, recalls the early days with a sense of gratitude and pride. 

“We learned of Madison Park both from Bev Schaeffer, owner of Katterman’s, and from landlord Dean Altaras. They mentioned that Madison Park had lost its only pharmacy, and the community’s response to us opening another pharmacy in the same space was incredibly welcoming. Bringing back most of the team that worked in the space before was also incredibly rewarding,” Binder said. 

This warmth was evident from the very first Friends of Madison Park meeting at McGilvra’s, where the overwhelming community support underscored the neighborhood’s appreciation for their new pharmacy.

The store has retained many of the beloved elements from its predecessor, Pharmaca/Medley, while also adding a local touch. 

“Our front-end team made sure to get the brands they believe in, while trimming some of the ones that they did not. They’ve used that space for more local items, more gift items, and other items that they wanted to give a chance,” Binder said. 

This careful curation has allowed the team to take ownership of the store’s offerings, creating a space that truly resonates with the community’s needs and preferences.

Laura Sorensen, store manager, shares how rewarding it has been to work in an environment where her values align with her job. 

“Madison Park can be a bit of an island, and we have to be mindful of what needs are in the community and sometimes pivot quickly to provide,” Sorensen said. 

This responsiveness has been key, whether it was creatively sourcing enough sunscreen last summer or helping a customer navigate language barriers with the help of their herbalist Marianne, who surprised everyone with her fluent Chinese.

One of the many highlights for Sorensen was the warm welcome she received upon returning from maternity leave. 

“Among the best moments was when I returned to work after maternity leave and everyone, staff and customers, welcomed me back warmly,” she said. 

This sense of community extends beyond the store, with staff frequently supporting local businesses and engaging in community events. The pharmacy’s partnerships with local brands and their involvement in community boards and events underscore their commitment to being an integral part of Madison Park.

Assistant store manager Adrienne Jourgensen emphasizes the joy of rebuilding the store and seeing the community’s positive response. 

“Hearing ‘We’re so glad you’re back!’ and ‘Thank you for being here!’ multiple times a day never gets old. It means the world to us to keep the Madison Park Community healthy!” said Jourgensen. 

One heartwarming interaction during the holiday season particularly stood out, where a raffle winner used her prize (a $100 store gift card) to buy socks and gloves to put in their Northwest Harvest donation box. 

“The level of selflessness and kindness really warmed our hearts,” Jourgensen adds.

Despite the challenges of establishing a new business, particularly navigating the first holiday season without corporate guidance, the team’s unity and determination saw them through successfully. Jourgensen reflects, “Luckily, we are a solid team and made it through with amazing success and key experience for this upcoming holiday season.”

Earlier this year, the pharmacy implemented weekly sales featuring discounts on some of their most popular brands. 

“I’m excited to continue this, and build upon it as our foundation gets stronger and stronger,” Sorensen emphasizes. “We’ve had a lot of fun with support from some of our favorite brands, like mini treatments with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, or mocktails from Herb Pharm. In April, we had our first practitioner talk, with our second one in June, focusing on allergies and the microbiome, respectively.” 

The next upcoming practitioner talk will be on July 9 sponsored by Quicksilver Scientific, who will discuss detox.

Looking ahead, Binder envisions the pharmacy continuing to be a major destination for wellness products, offering top-tier products and access to knowledgeable practitioners. Sorensen hopes to evolve their services to better meet the community’s needs, including the potential addition of cosmetic application and mini beauty services. Their commitment to listening to customer feedback and adapting quickly ensures they remain a vital part of the Madison Park community.

As they celebrate their first anniversary, the message from Madison Park Pharmacy and Wellness Center is clear: they are here for the community, because of the community. 

“To the Madison Park community… we wouldn’t be here without you! Plain and simple,” Jourgensen affirms. Here’s to many more years of health, wellness, and community spirit.