Tree Talk: Patriotic petunias

With many days of freeze-free weather still ahead, there’s reason to add petunias to your garden.

Revisiting the Park: Stick ’em up!

Looking back on crime and punishment in the Madison Park area.

Get Growing: Pick the right roses

The Pacific Northwest is great for roses in that it tends toward warm and dry in the summer.

Your Best Life: Why I sleep on a bed of spikes

Loss of sleep can impair cognition and reaction time, and even make you crave extra carbs.

Carter: Human engagement with first-aid skills

Pockets of volunteers around the city are forming neighborhood Emergency Communication Hubs.

Revisiting the Park: The why and wherefore of Madison Park

Life in Madison Park was close to normal in the early ’50s after the Depression and WW2 had faded from memory.

Tree Talk: Bright, bold and glossy contrast

Photinia's broad leaves are a vivid, glossy copper or red from spring into summer.

Get Growing: Wallflowers take the dance floor

The name can be confusing, but the colors are vibrant.

Revisiting the Park: Fight for the memories

Remembering Madison Park school days.

Falling Awake: C’est la vie

Sanelli: Seattle is not the same city as it was before the pandemic, but I’m also not the same person.

Neighbors helping neighbors: Summer events for emergency preparedness

On June 11, many neighborhood emergency hubs and ham radio operators will participate in a city-wide simulated regional power outage.

Lindberg: Pregnancy and your acupuncture support team

A look at ways that acupuncture can support women during pregnancy.

Falling Awake: My great fight

Sanelli: Defeating the ultra-conservative right is going to be the great fight of my lifetime.

MP Emergency Prep: Fire safety, alone and together

Building fires in Seattle are more common than we might think; here's some fire safety essentials to keep in mind.

Tree Talk: Finding and celebrating the ancestors of your garden

For a sense of history or of being connected to the earth as it evolved without the tinkering of humankind, look at plant ancestors.