Recipe: Savory mushroom lettuce wraps

Weekly recipes and food ideas from Pacific Publishing.

A valentine that's outside the box (of chocolates)

The white Moth Orchid is a good pick for the most enduring and endearing tribute any loved one could receive.

Revisiting the Park: Finding life anew in dive bars

In the old days, the parking was ample and the sounds in the taverns came from inside.

Sprouting: Local, delicious and extra-nutritious

Sprouts are nutritious, easy to cultivate in the cold months, and as local as you can get.

Emergency Prep: A game for the rest of us

Being prepared for an emergency doesn't have to be drudgery.

Get Growing: A new way to choose seeds

The plants we choose and the way we plant and care for them can make a difference.

Your Best Life: Tips to finally get to sleep

After a bad night, we are shadows of our best selves.

Jenny Martin: Teens, TikTok and mental health

Social media can be a force for good, making us more informed by sharing and learning from others and promoting mental health. TikTok seems to live up to that ideal in their own country. ByteDance, the Beijing-based company that founded the app, ensures that the algorithm only serves up educational content to teens in China, such as videos about science, art history, and museum exhibits. To promote healthy habits (i.e. sleep), kids under 14 years of age living in China cannot access TikTok between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, and daily usage is limited to 40 minutes.

Mary Lou Sanelli: Letter To Rose

Rose, your email came at just the right time. Because here it is December, and I’m at a loss. Everything “holiday” has been written before. I have my doubts as to whether I can find a fresh angle. When you become a writer, Rose, you’ll understand, I promise.

Tree Talk: A little goes a long way in holiday decorating

Going all out for seasonal decor can be time-consuming, exhausting and expensive.

GMRS Radios 101: Stay connected in an emergency

It's worth asking: How will I manage when my phones have no service and roads are unsafe?

Revisiting the Park: Holiday happenings

Lehman: Looking back at Christmas in Madison Park.

Lindberg: Healthy mouth, healthier you

nearly half of adults over 30 harbor gum disease, as do more than 70 percent of adults over 65.

Get Growing: Welcome to Zone 9a, Seattle!

The USDA's Hardiness Zone Map has been updated for 2023, shifting Seattle to Zone 9a — the same as the northern end of Florida.

Falling Awake: The (loud) monsters among us

A regular column from the local author of 'Every Little Thing.'