MP Emergency Prep: Fire safety, alone and together

Building fires in Seattle are more common than we might think; here's some fire safety essentials to keep in mind.

Tree Talk: Finding and celebrating the ancestors of your garden

For a sense of history or of being connected to the earth as it evolved without the tinkering of humankind, look at plant ancestors.

Revisiting the Park: Down the hatch

Eating, drinking and carousing in a time when the rules were very different.

Falling Awake: The bathers

Whatever you choose to keep burn-out at bay, the momentum itself carries you to a better place.

Lindberg: The power of breath

We breathe 15,000 to 20,000 times every day, and the way we do can transform our lives.

Tree Talk: The perennial harbinger of spring

Mich like LeBron James and Lionel Messi, Meryl Streep and The Rolling Stones, hellebores continue to wow their audiences and to sell.

Revisiting the Park: The rules of summer

A move to Madison Park made even homework sound pretty good.

Property Views: Real estate hits the reset button

By mid-March, available houses tightened to 4.5 months of inventory — that puts us squarely in a neutral market.

Get Growing: Winter sowing jumpstarts your garden

Gardeners have used “season-extenders” for centuries; for urban gardeners, winter sowing is another tool to consider.

Falling Awake: Everything will work out

'Where are you from?' is a common Seattle question. Well, unlike my favorite aunt, I'm still not certain.

Tree Talk: A name to master, a tree to grow

If you pronounced the name correctly, you’re either a seasoned horticulturist or a linguistic genius. It’s a mouthful. But history and cultures are rife with names that initially flummox, carried by people who become so formidable or influential that the names roll off the tongue commonly and with ease: Muhammad Ali, Amelia Earhart, Mohandas Gandhi, to mention three.

Turkey quake a grim reminder — are you prepared?

The images of damage and the death toll from Turkey’s recent devastating earthquake are heart-wrenching. The February quake was a 7.8 in magnitude. And, oh my, in our area, experts predict we might see a quake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone measuring as high as 9.0.

Falling Awake: The Walk

Once a month, I walk with a small group of women. It’s one of many routines that keeps me sane and steady, or at least helps keep me sane and steady. We meet for the company and exercise, but we also like to blow off a little steam about the state of the world. Without these talks, life would be boring.

Revisiting the Park: Memories galore

Madison Park has always had a reputation for being an all-inclusive business, housing and recreation district. The short distance to visit friends, the beach, tennis courts and the businesses on the Ave make for a highly walkable hamlet.

Lessons from the 2023 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival

No matter how outlandish, the display gardens are full of take-home ideas to implement in your plot of earth — inside or out.